Event Requests & Approvals


Approval Flows

Design event approval flows unique to your company, to ensure events happen just the way your policy team want them to.

Manage requests in one place

No missed emails, or chains of emails - in fact, no emails at all! All event requests are received, actioned and recorded in the software.


Intake Events

Forms allow infinite event requests to be created, that include all the variables you need. Rooms? Resources? put them all in.

Downstream automation

Every action created in your intake form is automatically automated by EventOPS into tasks, resource allocations and budget lines.


Team Management


Organizational Chart

Everyone knows who’s responsible for what, and how to get a hold of them. Import or create your team, and then drag-and-drop them into what they’re responsible for.


Task Management

Create and assign to the responsible party, leave comments, add pictures, emojis and files. You know what happens from creation to completion.



Aggregate your day across all of your events - plan next week knowing you have meetings, deadlines, and tasks that need completed (without having to have 3 software packages open).



Remote teams rejoice! We have a fully-functioning chat including screen sharing, voice, video, and text communication.


Automated Agenda

Ditch the ‘status update’, you don’t need it. Spend your meeting time efficiently collaborating and ensuring everyone has everything the need to complete their work on time. Stop meeting to meet.



Project Management


Gantt Chart

The secret weapon of every project manager. Drag-and-drop functionality as well as the ability to define dependencies and automatically calculate critical path. Never be late, and know what happens when schedules change.


Production Schedule

This document isn’t a separate item that has to be updated on it’s own, it’s a direct result of your planning and collaboration - create it that way to ensure it’s always up-to-date.


Space Planning (Outdoor)

Draw or import your event design into a web-based version. No more asking which plan is the latest, no more screenshots with text over top.


Space Planning (Indoor)

Upload PDFs or images of your space, and draw your surroundings - layout your rooms and organize your calendar and tasks around the actual places you need to work.


Copy Data across Events

No two events are ever the same; but that doesn't mean your process should change every time! Click a button and see all of your data from last event moved forward in time, with the appropriate team members notified and prepared. Never start from scratch again.



Budget Management


Input Once

Set up and input data once. Future changes and modifications are tracked along the way.  Your team is always current, up-to-date and working from the same budget.


Organize Infinitely

Ensure you are getting ROI and your meetings are successful by tracking your budget the best possible way. Organize and review from many angles, quickly and easily.


Apply Fees/Gratuities

Fees are one of the most complicated portions of your budget. Never miss one. Apply to every line of your budget at any time, automatically recalculate when your unit cost changes.


Apply Taxes

Taxes are the number one cause of mistakes for your event budgets. Event managers shouldn't have to worry with every applicable tax - we're set up to handle the most complicated taxes, without worry. Thanks Uncle Sam.


Run Reports

Coming Soon...

Reports aren't just for the end of your event anymore. Compare, analyze, track, and manage where you and your team are at any time. Ensure, and prove, maximum ROI for every aspect of your event. You can even create a dashboard and email them to yourself and team every day!