Do you run a golf tournament/event?

Good. Golf is where EventOPS started. Our clients manage the largest golf events in the world. We understand having vendors on-site months before an attendee arrives, we've seen deadlines miss and the chaos that ensues to ensure everything's done. We've spend time with golf ops coordinators and learned how information is distributed. We were, literally, made for golf. We were made for you.

Mapping Toolbox

Had enough to taking screenshots on Google Maps and drawing over them, or just using the same plans over-and-over? We know. EventOPS mapping features allow you to be able to draw whatever you'd like on the course - even allowing you to draw right over top of the sattelite view! You can even name and create tasks from each, and every, item - and categorize items onto layers for more control and organization. Working with a design firm to design your event? No problem - we can upload their data so you're able to keep a current map and still utilize all of our other time saving functionality right from there.

Organizational Charts

We've been on-site during build out. There are golf carts everywhere, a flurry of activity. There's on-site meetings, and deadlines, dependencies galore. Mainly it's hard for the different vendors to understand who's in charge of what - this is why we introduced organizational charts. A single place for everyone working on your event to know who's in charge of what, and how to get a hold of them quickly.

With all of the components which go into executing a world-class golf event, EventOPS will substantially alleviate the extraneous work our team has been accustomed to. Sifting through a multitude of spreadsheets and other file storing locations has simply put a burden on the way our team operates. Organizational improvement is one of many benefits we expect to accomplish with EventOPS.
— Ted Wisniewski - Championship Operations & Financial Coordinator, PGA of America


Before, During, After

Access and control every aspect of your event logistics and operations 24/7 from any device, anywhere. Here’s what EventOPS is built to do:


Built for you



Built to be easy to learn, onboard, and figure out. Includes drag-and-drop tools and a beautiful interface.

Organized Around Events

Every function is available for every event, create an event and organize your world around them.

Main Dashboard

Your tasks may be organized by event, but your day certainly isn’t. Get a quick glimpse of what’s most important today, and quick access to everything else.


Event managers are highly visual, so our software is too - why use words when a picture will do?


What you need to know, when you need to know it (now).


Team Management


Organizational Chart

Everyone knows who’s responsible for what, and how to get a hold of them. Import or create your team, and then drag-and-drop them into what they’re responsible for.


Remote teams rejoice! We have a fully-functioning chat including screen sharing, voice, video, and text communication.

Functional Area Dashboard

It’s like being your own ‘middle management’. A quick view of all aspects of each area of responsibility at your fingertips.


Event Planning


Task Management

Create and assign to the responsible party, leave comments, add pictures, emojis and files. You know what happens from creation to completion.

My Calendar

Aggregate your day across all of your events - plan next week knowing you have meetings, deadlines, and tasks that need completed (without having to have 3 software packages open).


Draw or import your event design into a web-based version. No more asking which plan is the latest, no more screenshots with text over top.


Everything you put in, can be printed saving you time and ensuring that you have paper copies of everything you need.


Build Out


Gantt Chart

The secret weapon of every project manager. Drag-and-drop functionality as well as the ability to define dependencies and automatically calculate critical path. Never be late, and know what happens when schedules change.

Automated Agenda

Ditch the ‘status update’, you don’t need it. Spend your meeting time efficiently collaborating and ensuring everyone has everything the need to complete their work on time.


Control every aspect of your budget, and have historical data about every items in real time. Save money, keep transparency, and don’t do work twice.


Event Days



Make calendars for everything your event needs and share them with the relevant parties. Make sure everyone knows where they need to be - and keep your meeting agenda/minutes attached.

Production List or Call Sheet

This document isn’t a separate item that has to be updated on it’s own, it’s a direct result of your planning and collaboration - create it that way to ensure it’s always up-to-date.


Different views of your data are crucial on event days. Print what’s relevant, in the manner that’s most easy to read.


Post Event


Advanced Filtering

All of your data filtered for what’s most important: ensuring that your next event is even more successful than this one.

Always Learn

Aggregate your data across all of events and items to ensure your team is learning from each other, and your vendors. You just can’t do that with paper and email.


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