Managing an event is very hard work - which is why our software is so robust. We know you have many activities you do every day to ensure your events are a success. Having one software for each piece of your day will just create a web of softwares that don't really "talk". That's why we created EventOPS! A full life cycle event planning, management, operations, and logistics software that puts your work center stage. We give you all the information you need at your finger tips, keep everyone on the same page, and make communication seamless.  Here's how we help you do it!


Create & Organize

All you need is a name, a date, and location! EventOPS is organized the same way you are - around the event. Events organize how you'll stay organized, and our intuitive tools allow you to be able to see an eagle-eyed view of all of your events at the same time - visually organized and easy to find. Once you have your main organization it's time to add your team - internal, external, and vendors. The more the merrier. Adding your contacts to EventOPS allows you to remain in control of who's responsible for what, and when the items should be complete. Our proprietary contact management system eases the creation of a visual appealing, and useful, organizational chart so everyone on the team knows where they fit, and where others are.

Delegate & Manage

Your role as the event manager is to manage. Using old school tools like email and paper give you no insight into where everything stands. EventOPS solves this - putting your operations center stage. With your event ecosystem created, and all of your contacts assigned to what they're responsible for, you can go to work creating calendars, tasks, gantt items, and mapping items delegating them to the appropriate people and tracking progress. You can log in anytime, or check your email notifications, to know the status of everything immediately.


Automate & Dominate

Meetings take up a lot of time, but they're necessary. It's wise to use this time effectively, as meetings will represent many of the differences between smooth event planning and a chaotic mess before event day. We have worked hard to make this part of your life easier by creating automation that allows you to not spend the first half of your meeting in "status" mode. How much more time could you spending creating a better event if you never again have to ask a vendor what they did yesterday and what's on the docket for tomorrow? With EventOPS these questions are obsolete allowing you to spend your time ensuring everyone has what they need in order to be successful.

Learn & Replicate

#alwaysbelearning is our motto - and your events are no different. Event-by-event lessons learned prove to help the experience of your team, and attendees. EventOPS best-in-class tools allow you to quickly record, and share, key lessons learned - even allowing you to print and share them with the entire team in a live meeting. Our favorite is making a #lessonslearned channel and allowing anyone to post to this - it's collaborative and allows the entire team to learn from whatever lessons each team member shared. Once you've delivered this year's event, just replicate your data and hit the ground running!