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Your events are complicated, and your time is valuable. You deserve best-in-craft that just works. #ditchtheallinone


There's Strength in Numbers

No software can solve all of your event needs - especially not without being difficult to learn and unwieldy to use. Your time is too valuable to have settle for anything less than the best. That's why we decided to go a different way and have joined forces with other best-in-craft software solutions. Our APIs are fully integrated, and so are our teams. Your success is our success and we work together to make sure you're taken care of.


Event Tech Tribe

The Event Tech Tribe is a carefully curated, infinitely innovative family of best-in-craft event technologies that have chosen to work together technically, but more importantly to collaborate at a client level. Connected via our respective API's, Swoogo, Hubb, Glisser, TRC, InsightXM, and EventOPS form the Event Tech Tribe. 



Swoogo is built by event tech veterans to make every aspect of event planning simple and intuitive, it is event management software that combines heavyweight features with so-easy-my-five-year-old-could-do-it functionality. From custom event websites to on-site event registration to an analytics dashboard that puts all the important event statistics at your fingertips. 



Hubb is a software platform that helps conference and meeting planners manage and market content for their events. Hubb automates the processes surrounding event content management, freeing time for managers to focus on strategic planning and more efficient execution. Hubb streamlines speaker and session management and ensures a consistent participant experience, from registration to session feedback.



Glisser is a powerful solution for sharing content, engaging audiences and collecting useful data during your event's speaker sessions. It pushes presentation slides to audience smart-devices in real-time, and integrates live polling, digital Q&A and social media feeds. Audiences become participants, and you get a wealth of feedback. Glisser integrates into Swoogo mobile for a seamless delegate experience.



InsightXM is a new business intelligence platform that provides teams with on-demand data science solutions. Our platform helps non-technical teams securely integrate and manage data, then easily uncover precise insights and opportunities, as they need it.

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Meeting Select

MeetingSelect specializes in meeting management and offers the largest meeting distribution system and online venue sourcing & meeting booking tool with more than 500.000 meeting spaces worldwide. Venues range from traditional hotels and conference spaces to unique venues such as farmhouses, country houses and castles, golf clubs, villas, museums and ships.