Our Team

With extensive professional engineering, event design, and technology backgrounds, our team brings a unique perspective to software. We work tirelessly to create technology that is always accessible, intuitive, and secure.

Willy Stewart.jpg

Willy Stewart

Co-founder & CEO

Creatively solving problems and forming lasting relationships. Chief Feedback Acceptor. Chief Daydreamer.

Chris Roberts.jpg

Chris Roberts

Co-founder & COO

Maniacally focused on creating products that make the lives of our clients better. Chief Feedback Implementor. Chief Daydream Interpreter.


Marie-Claire Andrews

Chief Strategy Officer

Always focused on the future and our clients. She is an industry veteran with complete knowledge of event management. Chief of clients and plan execution.

Head Shot.jpg

Justin Fontenot

Customer Success Specialist

Doing a million different things everyday, most importantly technical support for all existing clients. Chief Listener. He responds best to "hey, can you do this really quick".


Tami Roberts

Account Executive

Calling and talking, talking and calling. The distributor of value, and always seeking to hear why and how. Chief Product Sharer.

Sunu Treesa Sebastian.png

Sunu Treesa Sebastian

Project Manager

Taking grandiose ideas and making them real. The owner of all paperwork, and checker of tasks accomplished. Chief Wrangler.

Sheshadrinadhan (Sheshu).jpg

Sheshadrinadhan (Sheshu) 

Systems Analyst

Like magic turning specs to apis and divs, a true angular expert. Chief Developer.