What do sports events managers love about EventOPS?

Mainly they love that we understand sports. They're complicated, and can span many days in different locations. From baseball to nationally televised golf tournaments EventOPS will ensure everyone is on the same team!


Mapping Toolbox

Had enough to taking screenshots on Google Maps and drawing over them in Paint? We know. EventOPS mapping features allow you to be able to draw whatever you'd like from start/finish lines to the overall site plan for your golf event. You can even name and create tasks from each, and every, item - and categorize items onto layers for more control and organization.

Organizational Charts

Ever wonder who's in charge of what? Ever get asked by another member of your team? Then organizational charts will be your friend. They give you a simple, drag-and-drop interface to be able to organize all of your contacts in one place for each event you run.

Want to learn more, or see a customized demo?

Just let us know a little about you and which awesome sporting event(s) you manage and a time or two you're around this week. Don't worry we'll never sell or share your info.

Tell us about the great sporting events you're putting on, if you'd like.