Managing an event is very hard work - which is why our software is so robust. We know you have many activities you do every day to ensure your events are a success. Having one software for each piece of your day will just create a web of softwares that don't really "talk". That's why we created EventOPS! A full life cycle event planning, management, operations, and logistics software that puts your work center stage. We give you all the information you need at your finger tips, keep everyone on the same page, and make communication seamless 24/7/365 on every device. 


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Anticipate Problems

When was the last time your email told you that a task was overdue? Stop using out-dated processes to handle current issues. Utilize EventOPS' proprietary contact management system to create an ecosystem around each event you run. You organize your events. You empower and assign items to your contacts. You reap the benefits of having them all in one place. You feel like a rock star because you're given instantaneous updates on the things that matter most to you: the process and schedule of your event. These updates keep you in-the-know and able to anticipate potential issues. Event day can't be postponed. Make sure you're ready.

You're new work day has you logging into one place with everything you need at your fingertips - your dashboard shows you what's relevant to you today for every event you're working. Whether you run a few large events, or a slew of private ones you'll know as soon as you login what's most important to focus on today, and respond accordingly. And you'll know all of this before responding to a single email or finishing your first coffee.


Mitigate Risk & Always be Learning

With insurance requirements reaching ever-higher, and client/attendee expectations doing the same, you must be able to do more with less. Managing multiple vendors, deadlines, and responsibilities is not a task best left to emails, spreadsheets, and text messages. Utilizing EventOPS for your next event allows you to focus on important tasks - like ensuring you're delivered what you're promised - and not trying to prove the end result of a decision made over the radio. Stay on-the-record with our intuitive logging and comments system so you always know the end result - and who was involved in getting there. Your event isn't always in the planning stage so EventOPS helps you mitigate risk 'day of': granting transparency into every detail on your most important day(s).

Searching your email, text messages, and pads of paper for "that one thing" is not a productive use of your time. Racking your brain 2 months after an event is complete (and the next year's version started) to remember what you wanted to change means you'll miss something. Utilizing EventOPS allows you not lose any data, and learn, from every event. Utilizing EventOPS on your next event means no more "things to remember" documents - they're automated. Have repeat information? Great, bring it with you from one event to the next. Integrating EventOPS into you workflow keeps you from duplicating work; why do work twice when you barely have enough time to finish the first time. 

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Stop Meeting to Meet (we are your team's HQ) 

We hear a lot of gripes about meetings, a necessary evil of #eventmanagerlife. There's no need to make them less productive - so we sat down to figure out the biggest time wasters. What was #1? Status updates. Utilizing EventOPS immediately makes them obsolete - the software is your status update. Spend your meeting time collaborating and working toward a better event. Don't spend your meetings figuring out what your vendors did last week, and what's planned for this week. Your meetings are far too important to have everyone sitting around waiting - get to the point fast with our automated agendas, commenting functionality, and file sharing.

Running a remote team, you say? We know there are teams working all over the world to bring together the biggest and best events. EventOPS is your remote team's headquarters. Manage your resources, know who's in charge of what, plan ahead, and even start a #water-cooler channel in our chat to make sure that you can unwind a bit. What you'll like best is having everything you need in one place - all you have to do is grab your coffee and login. 


Get your weekends back

Your time is important. With demands on your time coming from all directions, it can be hard to maintain balance. There's always emails to write, phone calls to answer, items that require followup, and new things to learn. 

How do you get this time back? Hire more people, or save a lot of effort and money by utilizing best-in-class technology that saves you time, allows you to do the work of many, and be more productive. EventOPS exists to make you better at what you do, and make your weekends yours - except maybe the weekend of your event.

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We've got you covered


All EventOPS clients have unlimited access to our technical support team to answer any questions you have - especially on event day. We are available for you any time.


All of our data is safe - and always accessible. AWS allows us to ensure that your data is available, backed up, and exactly what you want.


All interaction with our servers, and your data, is encrypted - always. Your payments are safe, as are your tasks. We take your privacy seriously, and work tirelessly to ensure it's protected.

We use industry best practices for security and stability and extensively test our vulnerability and stability to ensure a product that exceeds all industry standards. Our development team has CMMI Level 3 certification, a certification recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense.